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The most powerful GPU-integrated miners which use RX470 and support mining of multiple altcoins! Shipping from 20th August to 30th August.

RX470 GUP Miner Panda Miner B3 Plus shipping on August 15-30

US $4700
BTC payment : according, last price rate
Product Description


Hash Rate 237MH/s (ETH), 2150H/S (Zcash), 5890H/S (XMR). Variation of ±5% is expected
Power Consumption 1250W +10% (ETH), 1050W+10%(Zcash), 1120W+10% (XMR) (on the wall, with PandaMiner’s customized power, 93% efficiency, 25°C ambient temp)
Rated Voltage 12.4-12.6V
Chips per unit 8 x RX470
Dimensions 490mm(L) x 280mm(W) x 170mm(H)
Cooling 6x fans;
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Network Connection Ethernet
CPU Inter(R) Celeron(R) CPU 3215U @1.70 GHZ
Installed memory (RAM) 4GB
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Operation system Windows 10


1. Please place orders on this page and make a payment according to the prompt.

2. For bitcoin payment, the quantity and the price of order will be locked after payment, refund request base on price changes will not be entertained.


Once purchase, you’ve agree with the after-sales policy by default. The after sales policy is as follows:

1. Please understand once the miner is sold, a refund or return is not available.

2. We provide a 180 days warranty period. The shipping costs for warranty should be covered by customers.

3. Miner prices may be adjusted according to market fluctuations without prior notice or compensation.

Warranty doesn’t apply to the following cases:

1. Customers demolish or modify components;

2. Miners suffer bad weather or other natural disasters after arrival;

3. Corrosion led by exposed circuit boards or components to water and moisture;

4. Damage led by low-quality power supply;

5. Burned circuit board or chips;

6. Other damages caused by customers themselves;